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Wednesday, 06 November 2013 11:54

School Lunches Update:Halal certificate received in school

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The school lunches have now begun. We have a few comments to make about the process so far-

First of all for those Muslim families who are concerned about Halal, I have received a certificate from the company Carambola which certifies that that what they say is halal is in fact halal. Any parent who wishes may view this certificate in the office. But for absolute clarity, I would like you to know that the plain chicken is halal. To date the other chicken, 'chicken tikka' and 'chicken with stuffing'  are not in fact halal. The turkey is not halal. Obviously the other choices, egg, cheese tuna etc are fine.


Secondly, this school lunch is designed for second break. It is the same size for infants as for Senior children. As a parent you may wish to send in something extra, particularly for the  senior children.  Your child will tell you if they need more or not. What we do not want is that parents send in a complete second lunch. Part of the reason for the free lunches is to ensure that children are not eating too much. Apparently, one out of four children in primary schools is overweight or obese. 

Lastly. your child will be issued with his/her own pin number in the next couple of days. The child may (with your permission) change the lunch as often as he/she wants on a weekly basis. Your child can alter the menu for the following week. Once the menu is received online before Saturday night, it will be processed for the following week. If you do not go in and change the menu. The menu stays the same as you ordered for last week. One way or another, the lunches will keep coming. It is simply up to you whether and how often you wish to change it.


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